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Pic 7.16b Larger unsnowed snowboy with rare green trim. This is also a smaller size than I have seen before. So unusual in several ways but with that beautiful Heubach face. In other pictures see the open pack on his back with a draw 'string' top, exactly like the snowed version 5.25" $800 SOLD
 Pieces from another spectacular collection of antique German snow babies. Be sure you click to see all the views of the pieces that interest you. Postage is additional.
Pic 7.1 A large and rare Heubach snow baby; this example has gorgeous faces! I've seen this pose in two sizes and this is the larger of the two. The older girl, wearing a flowing cape, huddles over the younger, holding her protectively. The matching trim on their clothing suggests that they are sisters or cousins, dressed alike for an outing. The detail on this piece is quite beautiful. Notice the careful sculpting of the little girls, their natural poses, the drape of their dresses, and the legging buttons, and the wisp of hair that has escaped the little one's bonnet. The faces are quite delicately colored.
This example was broken and carefully repaired. I think this can be a good thing, if I'm buying, because it usually lowers the asking price. The heads have been off this example so we took close-up pictures that show the repair. The basket was also damaged, but I can't tell where. I believe the basket was restored, or at least invisibly repaired. The repairs actually show up more in the photos than they do when handling the piece.
This piece is 8" tall! It was manufactured about 1910. Even with the repaired damage it will be a piece of great pride in your collection. $1300.
Pic 2.9 The book piece and the only example I've seen or heard about, for this Galluba and Hoffman snow baby school boy. At nearly 12" it is also the largest G&H snow baby piece I know about. I love this boy with his backpack of books, his tousled hair and battered hat. Notice how his socks sag and his shirt pushes out between his bib top and unbuttoned pants. He stands on a clasic decorated platform, but he's just a country boy dressed for school. Although his snow seems to suggest a pale blue, it is white snow with the creamy areas. This piece is also pre-WWI, and in superb condition. $1200.
Pic2.30b This is an actual blue snow Galluba and Hoffman piece! This is the real deal, but the snow is full of decades of dust. She is an expensively dressed little girl carrying a very large umbrella. Her bonnet and coat match and are trimmed with identical "fur". Large pastel ribbon flowers anchor the bonnet ties. 3.5" SOLD
 Pic 4.3 A large, beautifully dressed shoulder head doll made about 1910. She has the most beautiful face I have seen on a shoulder head doll. The gunk you see visible on her right cheek has been removed since photographing. Her clothing it all hand sewn with tiny stitches. Unfortunately, the fabric at the porcelain edge of her left arm has given way, and it is her sawdust filling you see on the paper over her shoulder. I've seen several of these dolls with patches. This is simply a fact of life for cloth dolls that have survived this long. 10+" $650
Pic 2.36b A Galluba & Hofmann girl carrying a puppy under her cape. This example has the creamy bisque finish which was popular in the early 20th centuary. The snowed parts were originally white, but are grey now with years of dust. Still, a girl sheltering a puppy is a pretty nice sight. 4.25" $425
7.23b Originally described as Heubach, probably because of the beautiful workmanship, these so-called googlies were made by Hertwig of very fine porcelain. This example has a firing flaw at the back edge of the opening. 3'37" $245 SOLD
7.19a A snowed Heubach boy called either the whistler or the boy with a cigar because there is an actual hole between his lips. Snowed Heubachs are so very rare, and have the added benefit that the snow was glazed over and is easy to keep clean. Pre WWI. 5" tall $600
7.29b Standing googlies are less easy to find probably because they tipped, fell and broke easily. This one wears tiny short skis and a cautious expression. 3.37" $285 SOLD
7.17 Often called Santa Girl, this Heubach is a lovely 5" tall example with a Santa's bag over her shoulder. I love the way her feet overlap the way a real baby's would. She is looking up as if coaxing to be picked up. This is a very desirable piece for both snow baby and Heubach collectors. 5" $1300 SOLD
5.19 Two tiny Limbach babies on an unusual early sled are the focus of this miniature scene which also includes a fence and two small trees. This piece is quite rare for obvious reasons. We find the tiny babies, but seldom the entire tableau. A mere 3.5" to the top of the tree gives you some idea of how tiny the faces are. $850 SOLD
6.12 Nodders or knotters, this pair have comic features and felted clothing. In this case it is the girl who holds and protects the guy. And he obviously needs protecting, because he didn't even think to button his coat. 3.5" $450
6.15 a&b This pair with jointed arms are pegged to sleds. Both retain their fabric hats, and the boy still wears his fabric scarf. The girl's arms need to be restrung with slightly shorter elastic string to fit properly. 2.25" $450
6.2 A baby with jointed arms and legs held in place by elastic string. This is a 4" baby -- the only size like this held together by elastic. Notice that he stands and sits unaided. These bodies are sometimes sold with miss-sized limbs. This one has all his proper parts. $200 SOLD
7.7 Heubach sledding boy on a snowy container. Just about 5" to the highest point on his shoes. He has that wonderful light-filled Heubach face. He rides a sled of unusual shape. We sleds actually made with bent wood runners? In a close-up picture you can see that his sweater buttons across his shoulder. Heubach was so careful with detail. Look at the way his shirt and pants fit. There is a visible chip at the bottom corner nearest the edge of this page. It could easily be fixed, or it could be ignored. $800 SOLD
8.0 This is a snow baby I didn't see before my book was published. She has a pack of toys on her back and carries a Christmas tree! Also unusual are the two holes in her pack. What would you insert into these holes? Could be artificial flowers, jeweled stickpins? She has a chip on the upper edge of he hood, but with both a pack of toys and a decorated Christmas tree, I don't think she needs to apologize, and you won't mind at all. Additionally her left foot is slightly thinner than her right and may have been altered slightly. 2.75" $525
8.0 This piece would also belong in Chapter 8 but was not available for the book. The snow on these children is paint that was somehow applied in raised spatters. The effect is quite beautiful. I own just a few snow babies with this unusual effect. There is some repair to the tip of one or more skis. I know this from having seen a picture of the piece before it was repaired,but I am not certain where. Good repair, I'd say. 5.25" $625 SOLD
8.47 The book example of this Limbach skiing boy. He is really smaller than the pieces in Chapter 8, but I grouped together the few Limbach pieces of this type I had the chance to photograph, and I've seen few other such Limbachs since. 3" total height. $475
9.0 or possibly 5.0, an early piece, boy on skis walking with his husky. This is another very rare snow baby I've seen only this once. It may be a Limbach piece. The snow is very fine and the number on the piece looks like Limbach to me. 3+" $525 SOLD
8.14 The book example. This boy stands in front of a slender tree trunk vase. The piece measures 6"tall. I recently sold the only other version of this piece I've seen. Here the shy boy offers Christmas greetings to all. The ladybug is a favorable Christian symbol and also has positive symbolic meaning in several other cultures. $625 SOLD
16.0 This is not a snow baby piece, but the little white bear is a related figure. Here we have an elf dandling a bear while sitting on a die with a four-leaf clover at its base. This is certainly not coincidence, but they simply puzzle me. 2.75" $95 SOLD
7.14 This snowed Heubach snowboy was only made in this size. The textured snow must have added significant manufacturing expense, so most Heubach snow babies were not "snowed". Remember, Heubach covered the snow with a glaze which helps keep it clean. 4.25" $750 SOLD
8.25a Lovely Hertwig skier, his pink scarf blowing in an imaginary downhill plunge. These pieces are beautifully made, and this boy's face is carefully painted. The only flaw is a firing mark on his shirt. He is 4.25+" $280 SOLD
10.0 This is a skiing snow baby I have not seen before. She glides gracefully and confidently down her own glitter- snowed mountain.Be sure to look closely at her delicately painted face. 2.75"  $130 SOLD
7.38b This is a beautiful example of the boy by a woodpile container piece by Carl Schneider. And the container is actually large enouigh to hold candies or artificial flowers or greens. Both the right hand and the tip of the left ski have been restored or repaired, but the repair is so good you would have to know it was there or look for it to notice. The boys face is really excellent! It is a large piece that can anchor a display or be a table centerpiece. The gold has worn off the dots on his shorts. 7.25+" $285 SOLD
27.34x The "x" means it is like 27.24 but somewhat different. In this case the difference is size. This piece is a little larger and more detailed. Still this is a very small girl sledding on the upper side of a container. This container was a souvenir of a location I can't read. See a side view, and help me out! The book shows several versions of the piece in varying sizes. The larger ones have yellow mittens, and I call them yellow mitt kids. I've yet to see a boy mate for any except the largest of these pieces. 2.37" $145 Sold

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These are the only two pieces on this page which may have been made after WWI, but the rest are over 100 years old. The very latest these two were made was 1938.
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7.0 Heubach teddy bear in a snowball fight -- really a teddy bear with his seams quite visible! He has been hit on his knee, but he is ready with a comeback. He also has snow stuck to the under-sides of his feet. 3.75+" $325 SOLD
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