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new4-26-29190080190.jpg new4-26-29190080189.jpg new4-26-29190080188.jpg new4-26-29190080187.jpg new4-26-29190080186.jpg new4-26-29190080185.jpg new4-26-29190080184.jpg new4-26-29190080183.jpg new4-26-29190080181.jpg new4-26-29190080180.jpg new4-26-29190080179.jpg new4-26-29190080178.jpg new4-26-29190080177.jpg new4-26-29190080175.jpg new4-26-29190080174.jpg new4-26-29190080173.jpg new4-26-29190080172.jpg new4-26-29190080171.jpg new4-26-29190080170.jpg new4-26-29190080168.jpg new4-26-29190080167.jpg new4-26-29190080166.jpg new4-26-29190080165.jpg Antique German Snow Babies Galluba & Hoffman boy begs new4-26-29190080162.jpg new4-26-29190080161.jpg new4-26-29190080160.jpg new4-26-29190080159.jpg new4-26-29190080158.jpg new4-26-29190080156.jpg new4-26-29190080155.jpg new4-26-29190080154.jpg new4-26-29190080153.jpg new4-26-29190080152.jpg Antique German Snow Babies pink snow swingers new4-26-29190080149.jpg new4-26-29190080148.jpg new4-26-29190080147.jpg new4-26-29190080146.jpg new4-26-29190080144.jpg new4-26-29190080143.jpg new4-26-29190080142.jpg new4-26-29190080141.jpg new4-26-29190080138.jpg new4-26-29190080137.jpg new4-26-29190080136.jpg new4-26-29190080135.jpg new4-26-29190080134.jpg new4-26-29190080132.jpg new4-26-29190080131.jpg new4-26-29190080130.jpg new4-26-29190080129.jpg new4-26-29190080128.jpg new4-26-29190080125.jpg new4-26-29190080124.jpg new4-26-29190080123.jpg new4-26-29190080122.jpg new4-26-29190080121.jpg new4-26-29190080120.jpg new4-26-29190080119.jpg new4-26-29190080118.jpg new4-26-29190080117.jpg new4-26-29190080116.jpg new4-26-29190080115.jpg new4-26-29190080114.jpg new4-26-29190080113.jpg new4-26-29190080112.jpg new4-26-29190080110.jpg new4-26-29190080109.jpg new4-26-29190080108.jpg new4-26-29190080106.jpg new4-26-29190080105.jpg new4-26-29190080104.jpg new4-26-29190080103.jpg new4-26-29190080101.jpg new4-26-29190080100.jpg new4-26-2919008099.jpg new4-26-2919008098.jpg new4-26-2919008097.jpg new4-26-2919008095.jpg new4-26-2919008094.jpg new4-26-2919008093.jpg new4-26-2919008092.jpg new4-26-2919008090.jpg new4-26-2919008089.jpg new4-26-2919008088.jpg new4-26-2919008087.jpg new4-26-2919008086.jpg new4-26-2919008084.jpg new4-26-2919008083.jpg new4-26-2919008082.jpg new4-26-2919008081.jpg new4-26-2919008080.jpg new4-26-2919008079.jpg Antique German Snow Baby Heubach Boy on Sled new4-26-2919008076.jpg new4-26-2919008075.jpg new4-26-2919008074.jpg new4-26-2919008073.jpg new4-26-2919008070.jpg new4-26-2919008069.jpg new4-26-2919008068.jpg new4-26-2919008067.jpg new4-26-2919008065.jpg new4-26-2919008064.jpg new4-26-2919008063.jpg new4-26-2919008062.jpg new4-26-2919008060.jpg new4-26-2919008059.jpg new4-26-2919008058.jpg new4-26-2919008056.jpg new4-26-2919008055.jpg new4-26-2919008054.jpg new4-26-2919008053.jpg new4-26-2919008052.jpg new4-26-2919008051.jpg new4-26-2919008050.jpg new4-26-2919008048.jpg new4-26-2919008047.jpg new4-26-2919008045.jpg new4-26-2919008044.jpg new4-26-2919008043.jpg new4-26-2919008042.jpg new4-26-2919008041.jpg new4-26-2919008039.jpg new4-26-2919008038.jpg new4-26-2919008037.jpg new4-26-2919008036.jpg new4-26-2919008034.jpg new4-26-2919008033.jpg new4-26-2919008032.jpg new4-26-2919008031.jpg new4-26-2919008029.jpg new4-26-2919008028.jpg new4-26-2919008027.jpg new4-26-2919008026.jpg new4-26-2919008024.jpg new4-26-2919008023.jpg new4-26-2919008022.jpg new4-26-2919008021.jpg new4-26-2919008018.jpg new4-26-2919008017.jpg new4-26-2919008016.jpg new4-26-2919008015.jpg new4-26-2919008014.jpg new4-26-2919008013.jpg
Pic 2.1 Extremely rare! One of two Galluba and Hofmann blue snow Santas I've seen, one of three I've heard exist! Very fragile, look it over carefully because I don't even know what a perfect one would look like. I have posted pictures of my own example next to this, so you can compare them. The mark in the beard seems to be a factory flaw. I don't believe it has broken. There is a chip above and to the right of the nose in the grey hair. Oddly, mine has the exact same chip! Parts of the Christmas tree are gone.. If you buy, expect there will be damage! But like Venus de Milo, the value is still very real. I wish I could keep this piece as well as my own. It is magnificent! 5.5" tall. $3000. Offer Accepted. SOLD
Pic 2.31 b&a These unsnowed versions of the book pieces show all the expert detailing that has given Galluba &Hoffman top desirability for snow baby & other figurine collectors. Look closely at the pictures. These children are dressed in their best, but their best shows many signs of wear and downright shabbiness. See the bottoms of the boys trousers, the way his coat won't button all the way down and the sleeves that are too short. The girl's hem doesn't hang straight any longer and the bottom of her coat is frayed, and the garmet is too tight around her. So much thought and workmanship goes into these pieces. Roughly 3.75" tall. $725 the pair.
Pic 2.36a Beautiful example of this Galluba & Hofmann girl carrying a puppy under her cape. She is expensively dressed in a heavy warm cape over her pleated dress. She is lightly snowed. 4.25" Offer Accepted. SOLD
Pic 2.37x Here we have a Galluba & Hofmann farm boy walking a pig -- possibly a pet. The pig has a perfect four-leaf clover in his mouth and has a tiny chip on the inside tip of his right ear, visible in the second picture. 4.37" $550 SOLD
Pic2.51bx The Galluba & Hofmann barefoot begging boy from the pair in the book, unsnowed with a tan paint wash. You can see his ragged clothes, the lack of buttons on his shirt and the holes in his sleeves, his oversized pants and optimistically-sized hat! 5" $415
Pic 2.47 The girl has left her puppy home and here skis in a shorter version of her hooded cape, again with an orange lining. These lightly-snowed pieces show so much detail. I love the ruffle on her dress, for example. Galluba & Hofmann 4.75" SOLD
Pic 3.1 The pink snow swingers. They are a young and cuddly pair. She has turned her head toward him and only her pink bow separates her face from his shoulder. Likewise, their feet are cuddling. 6" $750
Pic 3.3a A pink snow boy holds his hand inside his coat possibly to keep it warm, (the other is in his pocket), or in a once-popular formal pose. 3.75" $375
Pic 3.10a A young Scottish boy, dressed in a kilt and balmoral cap, carries a riffle. He clutches something, perhaps we don't want to know what, in his left hand. 4.5" Pink snow. $400
Pic 5.20b This piece by Limbach was made before WWI, probably about 25 years after Gilbert & Sullivan wrote The Mikado. We know that there was great interest in things Japanese after the Mikado. Was that the inspiration for this piece? This piece is extremely fragile. Some branches, the tree top,and some shrubery are missing, but unless compared to the example in my book , which also has damage, the piece doesn't appear to be damaged. 3.25" $425 SOLD
Pic 5.29 My husband dubbed this curvaceous piece "snow babe," and the name has stuck. She was shown as a part of a Christmas table top in Ladies Home Journal, December, 1912 (Pic 21.3), so we know she was available in the US before then. 2.37" tall, but more like a 4" figure. $675 SOLD
Pic 6.8x This isn't just a jointed German polar bear, this is a 6.5" jointed German polar bear! I've never seen one this large before. In fact these bears in any size are very rare. 6.5" $750 SOLD
Pic 6.11a A Hertwig bobble-head googlie. She is pegged to her sled and it looks like the peg extends up into her head.. I believe that originally her clothes were felted, but now only a little of the felt is left. The white between her and the sled is removable museum putty. 2.5" $450
Pic 6.11b. Hertwig googly boy, mate to the previous piece, pegged to his sled the way the girl is. Museum putty between him and the sled. He, too, looks like he had felted jacket and pants, but washing has removed the felt. 2.5" $450
Pic 6.3d A wire-jointed 3.5" snow baby. More and more I am seeing babies with new snow that were never snow babies, or snow baby bodies with mismatched or missized arms and legs. This one is all original. 3.5" $225 SOLD
7.0 - Not in Book and marked Heubach . He carries a pack over his shoulder, has a very long beard, and dresses all in red. He must be Santa, but why the big nose and the frown? It is a mystery to me. Any thoughts? 4.12" $400 Offer Accepted SOLD
Pic 7.13b A much larger girl and container than pictured in the book, this piece really shows why Heubach pieces are so desirable. We can see the graceful movement of the girl and the realistic flow of her skirt and top as she skis downhill. She deserves a special place at Christmas, perhaps with her container filled with tiny glass balls or holly sprigs. 7.12" $1050 Offer Accepted SOLD
Pic 7.18x Also by Heubach and shown in my book snowed, here is a no-snow version with a traditional Dutch hat and a pinafore over her blue dress. The tub she is carrying has been broken in more than one place and glued back together, but he girl has no damage. 7" $225
Pic 7.33 Another of the very rare pieces in this collection. This yellow mitt girl sledding down a snow slope container. If there is a mate, I've never seen nor heard of it. $650 SOLD
Pic 7.16b A Rolls Royce of snowmen. This and the other Heubach family snowmen are the best and most desirable of the all bisque snowmen (& ladies). To me this one does look like a soon-to-be mama. And what a wonderful hat for a snowperson! 6.5" $1450. Offer Accepted SOLD
Pic 7. 39 This is a Schneider piece showing two affectionate children bringing home a tiny Christmas tree. The molding is quite deep and shows knit pattern and spats buttons on their clothing. It looks like the children were never painted, but were instead given a yellow wash that was so popular in the early 1900s. 5.5" $ 350 SOLD
Pic 7.4x A large and beautiful example of this Heubach boy. Notice how he leans when pulling the rope to turn his sled. Heubach poses are almost always very realistic, and this is an excellent example. This piece is 7" high. ( 8" is the largest I know of.) $1100 Offer Accepted. SOLD
7.5x This is a smaller Heubach sledding boy in the same pose as the previous piece. You may find that this size fits into your cabinet or scene better than the larger. It will fit more snow baby budgets as well. 3.75" $450 SOLD
Pic 7.60b It is true that this girl and her mate have Heubach colored trim and a snow overglaze, but I do not believe they are Heubach. If they were made by a major German factory, I would have to guess Shafer & Vater because of the green clay used for the bases. But although there are other S&V Christmas pieces, I know of none that are snowed. 5.75" $110
Pic 7.64 Shows a skiing boy holding onto his hat on a shallow slope also near a chimney. The piece is nicely molded and painted but someone has decided to add snow to the piece. Now it is still a very nice container piece, so if the added snow doesn't bother you, this is a good example. 3.5" $80 SOLD
Pic 7.78 This is the only bisque Santa I've seen dressed in mustard yellow, but that's only one of its "onlys." Look at that huge pocket on the front of his coat. Most exciting of all, he separates in the middle, much like a cookie jar, so he was meant to hold something. I bet candy. Be aware that his face paint has been rubbed or partly washed off. Although I would expect that a piece like this could be washed, I don't recommend any further washing. 5.5" $1800
Pic 8.15b A warmly dressed young boy with his muffler, furry hat and his mittens on a string. 5.62" $85 SOLD
Pic 8.31a Here is the yellow mitt girl again, this time standing on a mound of snow. She was meant to carry a sled, but the factory bought sleds that were so extremely fragile that I have only ever seen two of them. A new metal or wooden sled would work, or she is perfectly lovely this way. 4.25" $525 SOLD
Pic 8.43 Shows two children similarly dressed riding a sled down a gentle slope. They have quite similar faces; they may be a girl with a younger brother. This is the only example I have ever seen of this piece, and the snow is unlike any other I have seen. 3.5" SOLD
Pic 8.74b Lovely Heubach girl with a muff. The colors are soft and unusual. And her own coloring is soft and lovely. Notice the bow on her ruffled bonnet. She measures an impressive 9.25" $700 Offer Accepted SOLD
Pic 8.92 A large polar bear on what look like stylized wedges of ice. The top wedge is open in the back, but I have no idea what it might have been intended for. This bear is beautifully and realistically molded. The only clue to what factory made him is the impressed number on the underside. See for yourself. The only place I've seen such numbers is on Heubach pieces. Have you seen them elsewhere? There are some small chips on the bottom rim, at least two of which show on the outside of the rim. 4.5" $850
Pic 8.0 Not in Book. Large German porcelain Santas are very scarce. This Santa wears his coat open at the bottom in a jaunty style showing just a touch of gold (paint) on the bottom of his inner garment. We can see two dolls and a horn in his pack, although only the front of him and the horn are painted. 6" $650
Pic 9.43 This is a young woman dressed for a country outing, and she has brought along her rifle. She wears cropped pants,a nicely detailed open jacket, hat, and high shoes. She also has a backpack. Is there a reason she has her gun upside down? I can not be certain that the snow is original, but I am certain that the face paint has been touched up. 2.75" $250
Pic 13.21 A newly-made Santa snow baby. Examples of this began to appear for sale after the year 2000. It is interesting because the propeller turns. It is a fun piece, and I have never seen an old one. 2" $60
 I have agreed to sell the collection shown on this page. The owner of the pieces is accepting offers.
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