Mary Morrison's German Snow Babies
Readers' Comments

I love the book. It really is exciting when I find pieces that I have or am thinking of bidding on that are in the book. While I like the softcover books I think having this in a hardcover is better for a book this size. Also, since it gets used a lot that helps on the wear and tear.
I think the pictures and descriptions are great - you describe the pieces as if I am sitting across from you and you are telling me about the piece. I like that. It comes across as personal yet factual - a great combination.
The fact that you cross referenced it is wonderful. I have some of my pieces referenced to your book (in my database) so that is sooooooooooooo helpful. I procrastinate so much getting things added to my database as it is that it helps that I don't have to "re-find" the pieces again (not always easy on the little standing or sitting pieces which are the main pieces I have that correspond to your book).
Lonni Smith

Thank you - thank you - thank you! Thank you for this wonderful book, thank you for your friendly dedication and thank you for all the thousands of items of information and photos!! I'm sure it will be the new 'bible' for all collectors.
Compliments for all the work you have done - you completed a huge compendium for these little figurines. It's just wonderful you included all these other chapters of 'older and younger gnomes' etc too!!
Your idea to use the bookplate is just great too - shows again your book was made with 'heartblood' ...
Jutta & Guenter Griebe

OMG! Received book - you were right! I am going "Absolutely Nuts" over the unbelievable figures in the book! I got as far as page 60, sitting on edge, ansy because I wanted to email you right away...but didn't want to put the book down! I have gone through the book for a first look - but now I am looking forward to going through the book with great calm to fully digest and appreciate, with great envy, all that is there. Let me rephrase "to fully digest and appreciate, with great inspiration, all that is there."
Kathy Elliott

Mary, both books were received; they are outstanding!! My mother's book arrived the day before Thanksgiving. Her birthday was Friday, so she was thrilled with the present. She couldn't stop talking about it that night when we called. ... I still haven't had a chance to peek at it. I'm forbidden until Melody is at least finished with the first read-through. She teases me at times by letting me look at a picture or two that caught her eye....
Jim Abline

WooHoo! I just received your new book this afternoon, and am honestly overjoyed with it (no lie) ~ FABULOUS photography, detail, descriptions, history, EVERYTHING!
Thank you so very much, Mary, for doing this for all of us many & varied Snowbaby Collectors out there.........I mean that from the bottom of my heart..........honestly could not ask for anything more. BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!
Nadine White
I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your book! It's a true marvel. I've learned so much and seen so many unusual pieces while reading it, I just had to say "congratulations" and "thank you" for the work that you and JIm put into it. I've also enjoyed your captions which are informative, amusing, and creative. What a labor of love! It's a gem and I thank you.
Best regards,
Bob Merck
Our very own reproduction of the Christmas cake shown in the Christmas issue of the Ladies' Home Journal 1911. From my collection, shown at the McHenry Museum, winter 2013
Readers' Comments
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