9.0 I found this piece after the book was printed. The size puts it either in Chapter 8 or 9. It is stamped Fritz Pfeffer on the underside. This view shows the color best. This must have been a complicated piece to make. As I see more pieces by FP, I am more and more impressed with their work. 3.5" high $125 SOLD
new4-26-2919007031.jpg new4-26-2919007030.jpg new4-26-2919007029.jpg
13.64b Antique German nnow baby white Santa on sled; rare book example.This is the only example of this pose I have ever had. He has a very long beard and a stern expression, so I believe he was molded to look like earlier versions of Santa. I do not know if he was made before or after WWI, nor do I know which porcelain factory made him. But then, Santa himself has always been a mystery. 2.25" $150 Sold
new4-26-2919007027.jpg new4-26-2919007026.jpg new4-26-2919007025.jpg new4-26-2919007024.jpg new4-26-2919007023.jpg
13,58a Here Santa drives a carriage on runners. It is filled with toys and pulled by polar bears. Did these designers win bonuses for originality? This piece certainly qualifies as imaginative. Light paint wear. 1.67" $100 Pending

new4-26-2919007022.jpg new4-26-2919007020.jpg
10.26 With his ice axe and rope and his very faithful puppy, this snow baby is ready for a day of chilly weather and exertion! This example has paint rubs on his nose and cheeks, but otherwise he is terrific and rare. 2" $100 Sold
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7.12c Heubach girl carrying a Christmas tree and a basket of goodies. Unkike most Heubach "girls," this one and her mate are shaped like toddlers. There is a container behind the girl and it is incised with the Heubach square mark. 4.5" $125 SOLD
7.12a Heubach boy with snowballs. Container has been broken off the boy but carefully glued back on. Two pieces are missing on the container. The boy is unmarred however. We posed this piece so one missing part is very visible. Not so obvious when the boy is viewed straight on. 4.5" $20
2.0 Galluba & Hoffman, purchased after the book. A miniature scene that is very delicate and detailed. The girl carries a Christmas pudding and more in the basket over her arm. She wears a pinafore over her ruffled blouse. The boy carries a wine bottle and a small delicate piece of paper. The kindly-looking gentleman wear glasses and carries a pipe Someone has painted his shoes, the wine bottle and pipe. The stem of the pipe feels rough at the end. Could be a chip? 4.12" $ 255
8.33 The early boy's sled was broken long ago. Notice how the glue has darkened beyond yellow to brown. Since he appears to be fixing his sled, or at least to be righting it, perhaps the breaks were pre-ordained. He held something in his right hand that is broken off. There is also a break in the hill,visible below his right foot. But his molding is lovely and I've never seen another, so I've disiplayed it many years. Piling a bit of cotton batting or placing something to cover the break in the base. I don't like to give up on damaged pieces over 100 years old. 4.5" $30 SOLD
18.11 Old fashioned inn with a front entrance and an arch for your carriage. Probably painted at one time, but looks 'snowy' without. Buildings, like trees, add a nice touch to a snow baby scene. 2" to chimney top. $30 Sold
17.0 ( .0 means not in the book) Snowman snowglobe insert. The black around the base is the original rubber flange that helped keep the snowglobe from leaking. Free with any purchase. Please request only one free item. Taken
new4-26-2919007012.jpg new4-26-2919007011.jpg new4-26-2919007010.jpg
16.69 A scary ride! Two pigs on a sled -- what could be scarier? This is also a bank! A piggy bank, of course. There is a slot in the back of the frightened pig. 3+" $40 Sold
15.9a Pair of winsome young elves enjoy a hobby horse ride. Very good paint condition. The red from this era is very fragile. The faces have those tiny dots for eyes requiring much control on the part of the painter. Really great example. 2" $120 Sold
13.97a Rohring Santa beside his lightly laden donkey. Looks like lots of children will be disappointed. 1.75" $25
16.33a Japanese snowglobe insert has a broken base so that he stands at a angel -- unless propped.1.75" Free with purchase Taken.
9.8a An early example. This baby is meant to lie on his side. His drain hole is under his hip. Wonderful paint shading on his cheeks. 2" (a 3" baby). $60 Sold
new4-26-2919007005.jpg new4-26-2919007004.jpg
10.163a A patriotic girl pulls her tiny sled up a slope. Looks like its original rope handle. I'm not sure who she thinks can sit on this sled. Is it for her doll? 2.25" $65 (See her price on ebay now) SOLD
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Remember, there are still some wonderful pieces for sale on For Sale Pages 3 & 4
7.19x A wonderful Shoeblack snowed "Whistler." If you don't own a snowed Heubach, you may be unfamiliar with how easy it is to clean the snow -- which has been glazed over. Trimmed in Christmas colors with a container behind him, this boy has a lovely face. 6" $475 Sold
3.8b Chapter 3 babies have declined in desirability recently. That will change. We are sometimes fickle in our choices. This girl has a lovely face and is quite charming. I am offering her at what I think is a very good price. 3.75" $80 Sold