fs8_57b.jpg new12-26-16007041.jpg new12-26-16007039.jpg new12-26-16007038.jpg new12-26-16007037.jpg new12-26-16007036.jpg new12-26-16007035.jpg
7.85 This is a large and heavy piece made by the Carl Schneider factory before WW I. It is beautifully painted and makes a lovely Christmas display filled with small Christmas ornaments, tiny packages or candies. The gnome’s face was lovingly painted. The bear looks like he is playing a prank.
There are areas where the paint has been washed away, mostly on the base. It was only when working on the enlarged photos of this piece that I noticed that the bear’s right forearm has been repainted. That would normally indicate a chip or break there, but I can't see it. We have a new camera which shows just about everything! Lots of photos! 8.25” $85 SOLD
9.0 I got this piece after the book was printed. The size puts it either in Chapter 8 or 9. It is stamped Fritz Pfeffer on the underside. This view shows the color best. As I work on these pieces, I find it difficult to give some of them up. This must have been a complicated piece to make. As I see more pieces by FP, I am more and more impressed. 3.5" high $365
new12-26-16007033.jpg new12-26-16007032.jpg new12-26-16007031.jpg
13.64b Antique German Snow Baby white Santa on sled; rare book example.This is the only example of this pose I have ever had. He has a very long beard and a stern expression, so I believe he was molded to look like much earlier versions of Santas. I do not know if he was made before or after WWI, nor do I know which porcelain factory made him. But then, Santa has always been a mystery. 2.25" $250
8.57 This is a very large snowed Hertwig skier. Similar skiers were made in several sizes, but I have seldom seen them in this large size. She measures nearly 5.5" and she carries what appears to be her original wooden ski pole although it has broken in the middle and is now taped together. $240
new12-26-16007029.jpg new12-26-16007028.jpg new12-26-16007027.jpg new12-26-16007025.jpg
10.115 Four members (+ one duplicate) of the colorful Röhring stationary band. These pieces were made in Bavaria, Germany, in the early 1950s. The tuba player has had some repainting, but they are small pieces that give detail to a scene. 1.75"- 2" Request this group free with purchase. (1 request per buyer, please.)
new12-26-16007024.jpg new12-26-16007022.jpg new12-26-16007021.jpg
8.53 a & b Book pieces. There are among the few Hutschenreuther pieces I have found. They are about 5” tall. The bisque and paint are original and in great condition for both pieces. The snow on the boy was added in the last 15 years, probably to make the piece more desirable. Even the most prominent doll auctioneers are selling newly snowed pieces without disclosing this information. I visited the Hutschenreuther factory in Thuringia when I was researching this book. They make beautiful porcelain dinnerware now. What did I expect? $315
new12-26-16007019.jpg new12-26-16007018.jpg
10.64c This is one of the rare sledders in this group of Hertwig pieces. I had it ready to list, and Jim saw that the right arm has been broken off and glued back. 1.25" There is orange paint of perhaps paint from the kiln on the back of the head, but the price is right:
Request this piece free with purchase (1 free request per buyer.) TAKEN
new12-26-16007017.jpg new12-26-16007016.jpg new12-26-16007015.jpg new12-26-16007014.jpg
13,58a Here Santa drives a carriage on runners. It is filled with toys and pulled by polar bears! Did the designers win bonuses for originality? This piece certainly qualifies as imaginative! Light paint wear. 1.67" $210
new12-26-16007012.jpg new12-26-16007011.jpg
16.11b A rare, sinewy, and powerful looking bear. I haven't seen another like him. His feet are so large I wonder if he is wearing snow shoes. It isn't obvious. He stands a little over 2" but he seems large and grand. He is a little unsteady and at one time he may have been glued down. He has what looks like glue on the inside of his left leg. No other problems. $125 SOLD
new12-26-16007009.jpg new12-26-16007008.jpg new12-26-16007007.jpg new12-26-16007006.jpg
2.44b Someone seems to have thought that this piece had lost its paint and added some color to it. In truth, these white and creamy white pieces were the rage in the early 20th Century, and this piece by Galluba and Hoffman was finished to fulfill that popular theme. I bought this piece directly from Ray Early, and it is pictured in his book as well as mine. I haven't minded the color because the pose is so sweet and natural and these pieces are so very rare. Since the paint is not original,you certainly could paint over the piece if the color bothered you. 5.25" $75
13.98e A very small version of Santa about to slide down the chimney. It stands a little less that 1.5".You are probably seeeing it magnified several times, but at its actual size, it shows nicely. It is a modest piece with a modest price. $45
new12-26-16007004.jpg new12-26-16007003.jpg new12-26-16007001.jpg
10.26 With his ice axe and rope and his very faithful puppy, this snow baby is ready for a day of chill weather and exertion! This example has paint rubs on his nose and cheeks, but otherwise he is terrific and rare. 2" $190